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Get truly quantitative data with the Odyssey CLx near-infrared fluorescence imaging system. Discover the LI-COR difference.

Using the Odyssey CLx Imager helps Dr. Kang maintain confidence in his data because “it's very consistent.” When he moved to his lab at Case. Odyssey CLxImaging System. odyssey clx imager. Accurately perform a variety of quantitative assays, including Western blots, protein arrays, EMSAs, tissue. LI-COR® Odyssey Western Blotting Kits provide a convenient way to purchase reagents and membranes that are optimized for infrared fluorescence detection on the Odyssey Imaging Systems. The Western blotting kits provide enough secondary antibodies, blocking buffer, and membranes.

Odyssey CLx Infrared Imaging System features a new autoscan function that saves time and removes the need to re-image data to find the.

The Odyssey Pen is suitable for writing on membranes to be scanned on any of the Odyssey Imagers or on Aerius Infrared Imaging Systems. Whereas inks from.

Over the past decade, LI-COR® has provided infrared (IR) fluorescent technology with optimized reagents for IR laser- based instrumentation to revolutionize. 23 May - 5 min - Uploaded by The Lab World Group Li Cor Odyssey CLx Imaging System is available from The Lab World Group. For more. 23 Aug - 5 min - Uploaded by The Lab World Group Li Cor Odyssey Imaging System available from The Lab World Group. For more.

A paper detailing this study can be downloaded at Chemiluminescence/CCD Detection. Odyssey Infrared Detection. Pixel Intensity. With Odyssey CLx Infrared Imaging System, you can get clearer answers with accurate reproducible Western blots and more. Infrared detection gives you the. 4 Mar - 12 min - Uploaded by LI-COR Biosciences Biotechnology This video tutorial demonstrates the Acquire Ribbon, which contains all of the controls for.

31 Jul - 2 min - Uploaded by The Lab World Group Licor Odyssey Imaging System is available from The Lab World Group. For more. BioAgilytix leverages the LI-COR Odyssey platform high-accuracy for target protein detection that matches or exceeds chemiluminescent detection sensitivity. "The Li-Cor Odyssey infrared imager is an awesome instrument for Western Blot applications. You can use multiple colors at the same time to detect mouse and.

LI-COR, Odyssey, MPX,. IRDye, MousePOD, and In-Cell Western are trademarks or registered trademarks of LI-COR Inc. The Odyssey CLx Imager is covered by.

End-User License Agreement For LI-COR Odyssey Third Party Software notices and/or terms and conditions are located in the Odyssey Software Help. We demo'd the Licor Odyssey, BioRad Chemidoc, and the Syngene Pxi. After several weeks of back-to-back testing from several users (myself included), our. The NEW Odyssey CLx Infra Red Imaging system from LI-COR Biosciences improves your quantitative analysis for detecting proteins on membranes, in cells, .

The Odyssey CLx is the next generation multifunctional imaging platform that can provide a wide range of applications. You can use it to scan DNA/RNA and. The Odyssey System and LI-COR chemical reagents are produced and distributed for research purposes only. In no instance is any product offered for drug or. The Li-Cor Odyssey uses an infrared detector to quantitatively measure infrared fluorescence from an appropriately tagged secondary antibody. It is an.

The Li-Cor Odyssey Infrared Imaging System gives your lab clear sharp digital results without the background fluorescence.

Li-Cor Odyssey infra-red blot scanner. Quantitative infra-red western blot scanning that allows the direct detection of signal without the need of a film or a. 1) The Licor Odyssey protein marker is optimal as it is visible on channel (2ul is the Odyssey scanner as it will show background color on the membrane. Application Note for the Odyssey Infrared Imaging System from Li-Cor Biosciences: Thiol-reactive protein labeling of brain proteins with infrared DY- and.

This is kind of silly, but I don't want to deal with the hassle of talking to a rep to get a quote until I know whether purchasing a Li-cor would be feasible or not.

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